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(Sherry Green
(Maiden Name) Peck)

Who am I?...Born in 1946, I grew up in Texas...except for the three and a half years that I lived in Northern Spain in the mid fifties...the most cherished time of my youth!  We lived in a rural area near the mountains and in the midst of farmland, vineyards, creeks, and a gentle, kind, and selfless people!  For me it was comparable to the book...Heidi.  I believe the time spent there formed me into who I am today.  I saw beauty in all that I experienced in a foreign land.  The stories are too long to tell...but maybe I'll begin to paint some memories.

My Art...I love what I do, working mostly in watercolor...and when "YOU" love what I do, it just keeps energizing me to do more...so I thank you "ALL"...who have prodded me on and supported my efforts...for some twenty two years!! 

Mostly I thank a God that knows what I need so well that He has given me "my heart's desire".  Hopefully I am worthy to continue creating and I hope He will use it to touch your heart or soul in some way.  Have fun looking...and if you like, send me your email address so I can show you the latest work and updates...email addresses will not be shared with anyone else, or sold...ever!

Where to find my prints...Prints are available at Kat's Korner in La Grange, TX, a new antique store located on the square.

Kat's Korner
108 North Washington
La Grange, TX 78945
Open Wed thru Sunday  
Call 979-249-6452 for hours

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